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Dancing in my life

Everybody in my family are good dancers. I suppose it’s because of our Latin origin that we know how to move swiftly and deftly to any kind of music. I grew up listening to passionate rhythms of bachata and tango, instead of fairytales and scary stories for children.

My sister is a professional dancer. She goes on tours with her musical group and they give performances in the biggest music halls of America. My family is very proud of her, they wish I would follow her step, because I can dance much better than my brothers.

Still, despite liking to dance a lot, I prefer other kinds of arts. As I already mentioned, I want to become a painter and create beauty with paint and brushes, not my body.

However, all kinds of arts are deeply connected:

  • dancing helps you to keep in touch with your emotions; you reveal them when it’s necessary and feel free. That’s extremely important if you want to become a good artist.

  • people who dance a lot are never stressed out and always in a good mood. Being positive is also important while creating art for people to like.

My favorite dance is tango, because it’s so sensual, passionate and tender. Yet, I find bachata to be a little too sexy, while tango never crosses the line. I like how profound it is, because every dance shows a love story to an audience where a woman is always subordinate and fragile and the man strong but caring and tender. However, at some point, they switch their roles, and we can see that a woman is no weaker than a man, and that a truly strong and masculine man is delicate and loving to his woman.

Originally, tango is from Argentina where it appeared in the community of African and European immigrants. However, now this dance is also very popular in Paris, as it has the reputation of the most romantic city in the world.

One of the most famous contemporary paintings of Paris is ‘Tango in Paris’ by Leonid Afremov here.

If you want to get an idea of what tango really is, just look at this painting. I believe that Leonid Afremov, one if the most famous artists of 21st century is a big fan of tango himself. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for him to include such emotion and passion into the painting. Graceful dancers are giving every molecule of their sole to their performance. Bright cheerful colors: deep red, sunny yellow, a lot of white and blue make the picture even more beautiful.

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